Do you want to meet your ancestors?

More than names and dates on lineage charts, ancestors were real individuals. I brought my particular ancestry to life in Our Place in Line: A Franco-American Family Odyssey with descriptions of specific personal details and historic eras that include location, language and culture. This book can help you meet your specific ancestors regardless of their ethnicity.

With over 260 photos and illustrations, Our Place in Line includes the earliest recordings of surnames:

Bergeron (1440),
Marier Ste. Marie (1605),
Lerin Lorin Lorrain Larin (1530),
Lafond dit Pepin dit Maugrain (1445),
Houallet Ouellete (1535), Campagna (1580),
Oby Abbey Aube dit l’Anglais (1662),
Beaulac dit Chapdeleine dit Lariviere (1560),
Skandal Skendel (Germ.) Scanlon (1881),
DeChabot Chabot (1515),
Maret dit Lepine (1605),
and others marrying into these lineages.

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